The Crew

Chris Cooley

Founder of Vojekt, LLC

The company started in 2018 out of a garage looking to add a new direction and flare to the mountain bike community. Industry design seems to have become bland and generic, not truly representing the individual but rather the brand’s image. Local artists and writers collaborated to bring tasteful and respectful artwork to represent other riders’ heritage and cultures from various demographics. As the brand has focused on celebrating and bringing unity, the company set out on a new additional mission to help bridge the poverty gap in the cycling industry. For the next few years, Vojekt spent hours crafting and producing new apparel that was more affordable and exceeded industry quality in gloves, pants, and jerseys in hopes of starting a change in the outdoor apparel industry by lowering the threshold of the entrance to outdoor activities.

Stuart Thiel

Co-Team Manager (Men's Division)

Daniella Stearns

Co-Team Manager (Women's Division)

Vojekt Racing Community Impact Partner