Race Team History

Back in 2018 the team Vojekt Racing was started with a few original riders. The team was based on the idea of developing riders, providing the team opportunities to advance in the sport, product test, and grow the local community. Over the years the Vojekt brand has partnered with various companies to help provide rider support while the team gives back through marketing, exposure, and good will in the community.

What's the background of the race team?

The race team consist of riders of various disciplines and skill levels; for example downhill, enduro, slalom, and cross-country racing. The skill levels range from Cat 3 riders to Elite professional riding at World Cup races.

What are the benefits of being on the race team?

  • Free Vojekt photography of riders at racing events
  • Access to team sponsors discounts
  • Brand affiliate benefits
  • Invitation to all Vojekt hosted events 
  • Early access to products in development from Vojekt 
  • Ability to partake in product photoshoots, and acquire free gear and photos that are used in production
  • Access to Vojekt Racing equipment to use for events and training; like tents, bike racks, tools, and etc
  • The opportunity to be marketed on social media, and help expose to more media coverage and sponsorships
  • Opportunities to participate in training and conditioning days as a team. (currently being developed)

What's currently being developed or may be available in the future for the team?

  • Official team coach with rider specific training 
  • Bike park discount(s) for seasonal training
  • Gym membership discount(s)

How to contact the team?

For all inquiries pertaining to be being apart of the team, or as a team sponsor, please email us at team@vojekt.com with the title of the email as "Vojekt Racing Team Inquiry"


A past history of team riders at events...