The Road Journals

Posted by Chris Cooley on Feb 16th 2022

The Road Journals

A few days ago we had the great idea of posting our photos somewhere. The thought came from people asking us at events over the past few years about the photography we take to capture photos for personal memories, and decided to final pull the trigger on the suggestion. After consulting with a few of our photography friends, we decided to go with smugmug, and throw up some lit photos from our first roundtrip in 2022. 

Last sunday we hit the road, and decided to venture down the path of checkout the new race lines for the Downhill Southeast event held at Trials Training Center. The riders and photographer had a lot of fun that day. The main DHSE line is pretty intense, and has a lot of super steep switchbacks that we all loved. 

This is a first blog in a while; so expect more awesome journal entries to come as this one is pretty short, lol.

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